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Welcome to our Paradise Pelling

Pelling, a beautifully located hill at a height of 6800ft initially covered with wild thick jungle with hideouts and shelter for many indigenous wild animals of those days including Wildman (may not be yeti though). Later days slowly this gentle ridge attracted cattle herders, shepherds and some meditating monks allowing a proper human habitation in and around this hill.

Having located in between two old Buddhist monasteries (Pemayangtse and Sangacholing) this little ridge took no long time to develop into a full fledged village and was named as Pelling. This hill was ones visited by a Monk called Terton Pemalingpa who built the monastery about two hundred years ago on one of the tops of this ridge and named it as Pemachoeling Gompa. The Monk eventually returned and slowly the monastery turned in to just a remaining. Though the monastery did not stand long but the local inhabitants maintained the name of the monastery for this village as Pelling in short form. Today, this little village Pelling has become the best chosen tourist destination in Sikkim due to its scenic location and the advantage of having the closest view of world third highest mountain Mt. Khang –Chen-Dzonga and other snow peaks from here.

More than that Pelling remains as the centre where from all the breath taking tourist spots of West Sikkim can be easily covered in different optional sightseeing tours without involving long tiring drives. The tourist spots are within the maximum distances of about 40 KM and some are in the walking distances, not more than 3 to 4kms. Pelling, besides being the leading tourist destination, is also the suitable take up point for both high altitude and a variety of low altitude treks.
It offers appropriate sites for mountain biking, rock climbing, village tours, meditations, bird watching, nature walk, culture tour, educational studies and many more. It is very smartly connected by proper roads and bridges to all the tourist destinations and all the nearest towns such as, Yuksam, Tashiding, Darap, Heegaon, Kaluk, Dentam, Rinchenpong, Chahkung and Varsey, Gangtok, Darjeeling , Siliguri, Jorethang, Singtam and Kalimpong , the town's bus terminus and jeep stands, the nearest railway station NJP and airport Bagdogra with facilities of lavishly avaible transport facilities provided the reputed travel agents and tour operators.

Pelling is at the altitude of 2000meters(6000ft),a moderate elevation, where the temperature in summer goes high up to 25degree and comes down to 1degree in winter. It is warm and pleasant in summer and cold in winter. Clothing advisable is light wears with light jumper in summer and warm wears in winter. Rainy season is from July to September. Area, names residential locations and population. Pelling stretches over the area of Roughly 3 , with many small sub residential areas such as, Upper Pelling, Helipad Area, Foot Ball ground area, Middle Pelling, Lower Pelling, Khasmal, Serengaon, Raigaon and Shenga Colony. The permanent settlers are not more than 800 including children and by adding equally the extra number of the temporary settlers that includes laborers, hotel workers, government servants, School Boarders and shopkeepers the total population comes up to approximately 1400.

Pelling has one Government Senior Secondary School including a Primary Section, where there are nearly 850 students and 70 teachers with facility of Girls, boys Hostels and teacher's quarters. As well, there are small private schools. ICDS center for preschool kids. Pelling has a Foot ball Ground, where Foot ball and Cricket Tournament are conducted for the entertainment of public including the annual Independence Day celebration, Tourism Festivals, public and school functions & festivals every year.
The permanent settlers are Bhutias, Nepalese and Lepchas and the temporary residents are yet the locals ( Bhutia, Lepchas and Nepalese ) from other villages within Sikkim and the people from west Bengal, Bihar & other states.

Source of income of the people at Pelling is mainly the Tourism, where most have Hotels, restaurants, Travel agencies, Tourist taxis, Shops and many are tourism paid workers. Besides, most families have farms including even Cardamom field and the most have members working in government offices.
most have members working in government offices. Pelling is well equipped with all kinds of tourists' facilities including the hotels of all categories ranging from the low budget tourist guest houses and standard hotels to the high standard hotels, resorts and Luxurious Retreat and spa travel agencies, Restaurants with multi styled dishes both for Non Vegetarian and Pure Vegetarian Guests. Fast-food corners for all kinds of cuisines including local Sikkimese food, variety of gift and curio shops, internet centers.

For the comfort and the service of the people and visitors, Pelling now has State bank of India with ATM facility, Post office, Police Picket post, Tourism Information Center and Government's Handicraft and Handloom center training and sale center. Pelling is first to have its own kind of shop that sells Organic Vegetables, cereals and fruits.

Data of population both permanent residents and temporary residents and non- residents of Pelling updated on 24..08.2015

01 Permanent Residents of Pelling 150 550
02 Total Hotels Staff ----- 700
03 Total Restaurant staff ----- 70
04 Total Travel offices staff including taxi drivers ----- 120
05 Total Panshops sales man ----- 15
06 Total Gift and general goods shops staff ----- 20
07 Total Pelling Sr.Sec. School Students ----- 826
08 Total Pelling Sr. Sec. School Teachers/staff ----- 72
09 Total Pelling school Boys Hostel boarders ----- 50
10 Total Pelling School Girls hostel Boarders ----- 45
11 Total Pelling Primary school students ----- 96
12 Total State bank of India staff ----- 10
13 Total Post Office staff ----- 5
14 Total Police picket Post staff ----- 5
15 Total Tourism information center staff ----- 9
16 Total Directorate of handlooms and handicrafts Students &staff ----- 15
17 Primary Health centre staff ----- 4
18 Construction Laborers and skill workers living in rented houses staff ----- 60 approx
19 Power department staff ----- 3
20 BSNL staff ----- 2
21 Auto mobile Garage staff ----- 4
22 Fuel Pump staff ----- 3

Number of other shops and travel offices.

01 Panshops 16
02 Gift Shops and Other General shops 24
03 Vegetable shops 9
04 Travel Offices 20
05 Diesel Petrol Pump 1
06 Auto mobile Garage 1







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